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PHY Vol. 11 - Dir en grey interviews



Here are the highlights of the five members’ interviews, from what I understood: 

  • Kyo wants to embrace (lit. hug?) his past self and tell him “You really did your best at that time”. He acknowledges that he was really angrier back then, notably during Withering to death, and while he is still angry, the expression of it has changed, become more organised. 
  • Whereas for the UNRAVELING ”rebuilds” he did not even listen to the original songs before re-recording the lyrics, this time he really wanted to ‘respect’ the songs more and try to understand his past self’s intention. 
  • Despite coming close to accepting his past self, he still feels like it committed something against his present self. 
  • For him, the goal of the BEST ALBUM is to help get new people introduced to Dir en grey and his voice. He still cannot believe that, at all the tributes and collaborative shows he performed, there were people who were only hearing his voice for the first time. 
  • For Kaoru, the goal of doing the BEST ALBUM is to give both new ears and previous fans something smoother and broader to listen to, like a stepping stone, rather than asking them to listen to ARCHE  from the get-go. He tought that those who attended the “mode of” tours had not necessarily had the opportunity to listen to the whole range of their sound. 
  • He revealed that it was Kyo’s idea to redo Fukai
  • Kaoru said that Dir en grey was a troublesome band
  • He wants Dir en grey’s next album to be something that people never heard before, that nobody understands. He believes that, doing the “mode of” tours will cause the other members to get inspired by their older sound for the next album though. 
  • Die described that he used to write songs more emotionally, thinking that he was good and he was just very excited to make sounds come out in the recording studio. However, now he thinks more and considers working in unison with Kaoru’s sound now. He still gets to have his single, special lines, but they connect and back each other’s sound more compared to before. 
  • With DECAYS, he used to be conscious about what he did, not to sound like Dir en grey, but now he does not worry anymore, as he thinks more of it like “what is a human being named Die doing at that moment”. 
  • If I understand correctly, Toshiya had some apprehension to join four other members in the band. He did not know what to be, how to be himself. He feels that it is only on stage that he can be free to express his identity
  • Like Kyo, he seems to be ashamed of the past, but he wants to confront it because that is how you make a better future. That is somewhat what the BEST ALBUM represents for him. 
  • He worried that the BEST ALBUM would be something that “had to come out”, for the same reason as all other bands do that; basically, forced by the label. However, it was necessarily different because of the fans’ input. (Somehow, he is the only one who mentions this.)
  • As for Shinya, he felt that mode of THE MARROW OF A BONE was the tour that he appreciated the most, because he had hated it so much when it was released, but now he was able to enjoy those songs. 
  • In 2012, there was a break and he used it to view his performances and decided to change himself a bit. The sound is more consistent, essentially he gave himself more stamina to deliver with the same strength for a longer period of time. 
  • Again (like in BURRN!), he talked about how he wishes that Dir en grey recorded songs like every other band, with the melody laid out first.
  • Apparently, Shinya wanted to be like YOSHIKI so much that he carried a video deck and watched X Japan’s performance before he himself went to do lives. 

I am already becoming bored with Kyo’s repeated words about him never being satisfied with himself and that he will quit and stop everything if he ever reaches a point where he is. He talks about that in almost EVERY interview…

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VESTIGE OF SCRATCHES trailer (bonus footage ver.)

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DIR EN GREY twitter 2017.11.30

2018年1月2日(火)発売BEST ALBUM『VESTIGE OF SCRATCHES』最新アーティスト写真&アートワーク解禁!

[new release information]
A cover art and artist photo for the BEST ALBUM ‘VESTIGE OF SCRATCHES’ revealed!
Follow the link above for details☝

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new profile photos~

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ANDROGYNOS 2017.7.8 - Toshiya

0753 786f 500


ANDROGYNOS 2017.7.7 - Toshiya

0762 8530 500


ANDROGYNOS 2017.7.8 - Kaoru

0771 035f 500


ANDROGYNOS 2017.7.7 Kaoru

0776 b6e6 500


Mode of Macabre Exclusive Photoset✨

0782 d330 500


ANDROGYNOS 2017.7.8 - Kyo

0789 be79 500


ANDROGYNOS 2017.7.7 - Die

0795 84df 500


ANDROGYNOS 2017.7.8 - Shinya

0799 7efc 500


ANDROGYNOS 2017.7.8 - Die

0814 a9b4 500


ANDROGYNOS 2017.7.7 - Kyo

0829 6bb6 500


ANDROGYNOS 2017.7.7 - Shinya

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